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What is Analysis ?


Jungian analysis is a specific form of psychotherapy that is compatible with many mainstream approaches. I employ several of these approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, family systems theory, Gestalt therapy, narrative therapy, expressive arts therapy, and psychoanalytic self psychology.

Think of Jungian analysis as value-added psychotherapy because it adds value to each of these approaches.

C.G. Jung (1875-1961) developed an elaborate psychological theory and an approach to clinical practice based on his own experience and the experience of Freud and Adler. He called it Analytical Psychology, though today it is more popularly known as Jungian analysis.

Many of Jung’s ideas about the structure of psyche have passed into common usage: archetypes, persona and shadow, complexes, personal and collective unconscious, anima and animus, ego and the Self, introvert and extravert, to name just a few.

Less well-known are his ideas about the process by which we grow into our full potential as individuals. This process, which Jung called individuation, is the focus of Jungian analysis. It is often a lengthy process but it is also possible to attend to a particular issue for a short period of time.




It is a way of attaining liberation by one’s own efforts and of finding the courage to be oneself. C.G. Jung


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